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Page Background

ADP was created from our interactive Smartbooks™ technology . Smartbooks is an Internet publication

method that can produce a 100% brand-able means of media distribution, size and shape, format and

digital delivery. This includes, digital print, audio, video, database delivery, links, e-commence, graphic,

social media submissions, and in various languages. Each Smartbook™ utilizes Google Analytics and

creates an separate HTML page with SEO for each page.

The Smartbook™ software can create an on/off version of each publication to be used on computers,

smart phones, tablets, touch screens and USB devices anywhere and anytime.

How Technology and Distribution Works Together.

It’s Easy, Smart and Economical. ADP manufacturers and distributors across the country come

together to

promote, understand and distribute their products. There are many different methods for

setting up an agreement between ADP and your company. For example:

1. Your company and ADP discuss and agree on set terms such as distribution fees, how products are

distributed, terms of agreement, etc.

2. ADP provides all or any technical means to get your products to market, including

web sites, file changes or updates, printed materials, e-commence and how your store is setup, etc.

3. ADP provides the invoice. Your company or others provides

delivery to the consumer.

It’s simple.


We Do

It Right The First Time