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Welcome to American Distribution Partners. ADP is where manufactures and technology come together to produce a greater product awareness and deliverability.
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Learn how ADP and
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work together as a partner.

ADP History
After 40 years in the selling and distributing business it came to our attention that something was missing. Our company had a great product, nice looking web site and customers could buy online, but we weren't getting the returns on our investment we were looking for. Then it dawn on us, we were missing something, we were MISSING A WHOLE LOT!

To start with we had a very unique and great product.
We paid a lot on money and time to create a modern web site, online store and other technologies.
We had a lot of other distributors selling our products and we were paying out a large percent in distribution cost. Since they were selling other products (ie: including my competitors), it seems we were promoting their business, not ours.
We spent thousands of dollars on advertising and marketing materials that had to be changed or updated regularly.
We had a large customer service department to handle the most common of questions.
We had a large shipping department and other employees to pay.

*** It finely dawn on use we were spending a lot on time and money on the items mention above.

Introduction American Distribution Partners(ADP):

ADP is a technology advance distribution company that partners with manufactures of all types and sizes. Like others, ADP becomes a distributor for your company with a big twist. ADP developments a state-of-the-art approach to better get your products to market and in most cases for the same cost of doing business with other distributors.


1. Builds publications or online presents under manufactures, resellers, or distributors name and branding.
2. Builds e-commerce with predetermined direction.
3. Work with manufacture on data, video, marketing material and more.
4. Host all or part of web presents.
5. Create all or any print materials as needed to distribute your product.(Extra Cost to You)
6. Make changes updates or add new products as needed.

ADP Fees:

In most instincts the cost of these services are included in the distribution agreement with your company. Let's Talk.

For more information, please call ADP at: 303-989-0383