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Welcome to ADP Smartbooks , the smart choice and leader in electronic publications that can be viewed all over the world and on many different electronic devices. Please review this sample Smartbook and see how The Smartbook can help your publications grow.
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At ADP, we take your documents and turn them into interactive Smartbooks and colorful electronic publications to be viewed on any computer, mobile phone, (iPhone/Android), tablet (iPad /Android) and on the Internet or offline publications. Digital publications created by ADP offers a professional and a well-crafted look that supports the Flash and HTML5 technologies. We can shape and design your publications in many ways, as well as create various customized configurations to meet your branding needs. From text to graphics to spreadsheets, ADP allows you to take your Adobe Acrobat PDFs, Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents, diagrams, bitmaps and more and turn them into a platform-independent, Smartbook publication.

Below are some ideas for your next project:
Catalog (for publishing product catalogs, business brochures;
Document (for publishing traditional office documents including texts, presentations, spreadsheets, manuals);
Magazine (for publishing e-magazines, newsletters, manuals);
Book (the pre-set that helps to create genuine digital hardcover books, dictionaries, textbooks);
Photo (for publishing photo galleries and slideshow).
Video and Audio insertion.
E-commerce (building an on-line catalog and store)
Coupons ( business coupons online)

Smartbooks helps make your digital publications work for the benefit of your business. In the past, users were unable to find your digital publications without actually going to your web-site. Because we create an HTML version of your publication, it is now much easier and simpler to find your publication right after it has been uploaded online. Each publication is now made available for search engines and analytics. If your publications contains specific search phrases or keywords, search engines (such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!) will be able to read and sort your publications and show them as search results. We deliver to all social media sites, email blasts and on/off-line USB devices.